Friday, March 12, 2010

The low down.

The facebook feed back has been overwhelmingly good since I sent invites to all my friends but with this comes a few concerns. I think it is awesome that many people that I already know would want to spend the day with me and I know that those experiences will be amazing. However, I want this project to be not just about friends I am acquainted with, and I think the first stipulation is going to have to be that if I have previously spent an entire day with you I am not going to set up a B.F.F.A.D. with you for now... On that note I think I have my first bffad sometime next week and am really excited about it. This is with someone I already know but have never spent more than an hour talking with her. She seemed excited by the project and that is inspiring to me! I hope this makes things a little more clear for anyone interested in being B.F.F.A.D.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project B.F.F.A.D.

This project is about you and me hanging out as best friends would! I will then blog about it here! All are welcome and I am into doing lots of things with lots of people! I think this could be a really fun project and I hope to be your BFFAD soon!